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Trusted and proven since 2002...

ePayslip.com has started its service since 2002 as a part of i-Admin’s HRIS offerings to all payroll service clients and their employees through employee self-service portal on cloud. With 6,000,000+ payslips and counting, we are offering the most stable and trusted payroll & HR data management system.

We are providing itemised payslips solutions, and also offering HRIS and Global Payroll & HR data consolidation. We will help HR digitalize data and work process on cloud platform and let HR more engaged with employees and focus on what more matters to them.

Trusted and proven!

Asia’s Leading Payroll Provider

Based in Singapore, i-Admin offers world-class, easy-to-use payroll solutions using technology and systems infrastructure that exceed industry standards. Our proprietary technology platform provides a singular web-based service that delivers electronic payslips and other e-Services to our clients. We offer payroll services to companies of all types and industries across 15 countries in Asia.

As a leading regional provider of cloud-based SaaS payroll and HR management solutions, we achieve uncompromised efficiency, security and service quality to our clients’ organisations and employees, further helping our clients’ to save on large financial technological investments.

We are different among many other payroll service or software companies today in this industry.

Many companies come and go, and especially the advance of software technology allows more new comers into the market. But, as the first wave of dot com one businesses came and went, only few will be standing there with continuous growth and supports for the sake of clients.

We know we are the one as we have been for last 17 years in payroll & HR industry.

Trusted and proven!

Sean Kim, Chief Operating Office | i-admin

“Trusted and Proven”

With the best quality of service to the clients, we will continue to be the most trusted and proven HR company in Asia.

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