Itemised Payslip” is Mandatory From 1 April 2016

Our payslip format is compliant to the MOM’s requirements.

How to issue itemised payslips?

‘Itemised Payslip mandatory’ is one of the hottest keywords among HR and employers in Singapore whether they are SMEs or large enterprises. Accordingly, advertisements for itemised solutions are flooding everywhere. But, all of them requires to change current payroll software or outsourcing vendor to meet the itemised payslip requirements by MOM.

No Need to Change Your Current Payroll!

Payroll is not a rocket science, but changing payroll process can potentially lead to unexpected disasters. When you are happy with current payroll process, why do you need to take bigger risks only to meet the itemised payslip requirements?

There is a solution to meet MOM’s itemised payslip requirments without hassles to change your current payroll software or outsourcing service provider. is a web-based service for HR and employers to issue and provide itemised payslips in the 100% compliant  format to MOM’s requirements.

It is designed for the best user experience, and a few clicks can finish all from issuing itemised payslips to distributing them to employees on a secure employee self-service portal. And, it is accessible from anywhere, at anytime, on any device.

How it works?

Firstly, just keep your current payroll to calculate you payroll. In a standard payroll result upload template we provide, upload your payroll result to on secure web. And done!

Again, you don’t need to do anything differently to calculate your payroll.

What you will get?

Issuance of itemised payslips

Calculated payroll result will be itemised and categorized into itemised payslips. It can be viewed on web-browser through employee self-serivce portal, or can be also downloaded in PDF format.

Not only issue but distribute itemised payslips

As you noticed, MOM’s requirement is not only to issue itemised payslips, but to deliver them to employees. And, helps you compliant to that line as well.

Keeping itemised records of itemised payslips

Last but not least, there is one more requirement about keeping itemised payslips. The best part of is it! All data and records will securely stored on cloud. It dramatically reduces chances of losing data or leaked data.

Now, it is much easier to comply to MOM’s itemised requirements with And, the best part is it is free as long as you want. With minimized switching cost, you can be easily compliant at no cost.

Itemised Payslip Sample

Itemised Payslip Sample
Download itemised payslip sample!

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