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Company Culture Goes Beyond Mere Words

On every company’s website, there is bound to be a section that spells out the company’s mission and values. While these company values are no doubt powerful words, the likes of “change, empowerment, efficiency”, these are mere words if employees do not truly believe in these values and identify themselves with these values.

Values are an important part in determining the culture of a company. However, while company values are meant to guide employees in achieving goals for themselves and the company, the only way to truly bring out the essence of these values is for company leaders and employees to actually act on these values.

Company values certainly sound great. However, there are numerous instances whereby companies create working environments that are competitive, lacking in respect and integrity despite having empowering company values. These values then become hollow, as the words do not reflect the true company culture.

A good and strong company culture does not come from an employee’s handbook. Instead, it comes from within the company and from the employees themselves. The key here is that top leaders and senior management have to strongly believe in and advocate the company values. At the same time, senior leaders have to foster an understanding amongst employees that their behaviour will have an impact on their individual success as well as the company’s success.

Similarly, feedback and communication is imperative to put the company values into action. Feedback will allow senior management to understand and zoom into employee issues that the top management might not be aware of. At the same time, it allows company leaders to take measurements to improve company culture and working environment where there is a need to.

Communicating internally to employees allows everyone to be on the same page in terms of company values and direction. Providing an open communication avenue allows employees to provide their feedback, concerns and ideas.

As the saying goes – lead by example. In order for the company to build a strong company culture that goes beyond mere words on the company website, company leaders have to be a role model to employees and turn words into actions. This is how a company creates a true and authentic company culture that stays true to its values.