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3 Best Ways For Employees To Work More Efficient

There is no doubt that HR technology has transformed the roles of HR professionals today. Long gone are the administrative HR paperwork. Instead, these have been replaced by software platforms or even cloud-based platforms that are able to handle thousands of employees’ data and incorporate multiple HR processes such as time attendance and payroll all on one platform.

With the rapid advancements in HR technology today, various HR platforms have begun to partner or even merge with each other to reach a wider HR audience. This indicates an attempt by these HR software platforms to further streamline HR processes and free up the time of HR professionals. This will allow them to place more focus on the employees and come up with people strategies rather that spend time resolving day-to-day HR issues that can be easily handled by a HR software platform.

Such example would be the partnership between Human Capital Management platform, Workday and work chat platform, Slack. According to Workday, this partnership will allow each platform to bring together their individual expertise and reach out to employees. Additionally, Slack has added that this partnership will provide employees with more interactive features such as requesting for time-off, real-time peer feedback and customised notifications.

Here is what companies can look forward to with this partnership.

Quick provision of peer feedback

Peer feedback is an important aspect of developing one’s individual work performance. However, it can be a time-consuming process. With such a partnership, this can send quick reminders to allow employees to complete peer feedback directly without the system without having the switch through various platforms.

Look up coworkers’ information easily

With the considerable number of employees within the organisation, it can be difficult to find that particular coworker which you need to connect with in order to get work done. Instead of having to put up several requests from the HR department, this partnership will allow workers to easily request for employees’ public information such as department, location, office number or title. That way, it also encourages more collaboration across various teams and departments as well.

Setup customised notifications

Given that the work each department or teams have to do is bound to be different, it would naturally not make sense for HR platforms to have the same default notifications across all departments or teams. The Workday-Slack partnership will allow employees to customise their own alerts and notifications such as they will be able to take action quickly on those tasks without having to sieve through irrelevant notifications.

While such partnerships will definitely not replace single HR platforms anytime soon, it goes to show that there is an increasing need to challenge HR managers to find more and better ways to reach out to their employees. Additionally, with the growing number of contingent workers that perform tasks for companies, it is imperative that HR platforms find ways to collaborate with large companies in order to easily manage the payroll for these workers. As the workplace environment today continues to change, we can expect more innovative partnerships and features to allow HR professionals to reach out quickly and efficiently to employees.

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