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3 Big Data Benefits For Cost Effective Organisational Growth


For every business leader, organisational growth is important. However, expanding the business can be an expensive affair as there are numerous factors that can contribute to costs – human capital, technology, training etc. Yet, there are ways to grow the business without incurring hefty costs. One such way is to leverage on big data.

Big data has always been readily available but the vast amount of data makes it difficult to put it all together into something useful for businesses. Nonetheless, thanks to the technological advances in data mining and extraction, business leaders today can leverage data to expand their business cost effectively.

Expanding the workforce

People are an organisation’s most important asset. At the same time, people can also be an organisation’s most expensive asset. As the business expands, the organisation’s workforce has to also grow in tandem to ensure the sustainability of the business. With big data, organisations can make use of their business and market data to forecast how much should they expand their workforce and how much revenue they can earn with the workforce expansion.

Enhancing productivity levels

In every organisation, there is bound to be a particular product or service that is the most profitable. Business leaders can make use of big data to optimise profits by looking at sales revenue as well productivity levels. By harnessing the organisation’s own data, business leaders can better focus on products or services that are the most profitable and scheduling the right people at the right times to maximise productivity levels.

Management restructuring

Big data can also help business leaders to manage their workforce more effectively. With the appropriate data technology, it can help to track who are the most effective employees, who are the ones that are more sales oriented, who are the ones that are bringing down productivity levels and so on. Such data, also known as people analytics can help business leaders to restructure their management style and to maximise each employee’s skills, knowledge and abilities.

Big data, if leveraged, can be a powerful tool in growing the organisation cost effectively. Given that big data, or the organisation’s internal data, is easily available and accessible, organisations can make use of the readily-available data to guide business decisions. At the same time, the data can be utilised to enhance productivity and improve business processes. Big data has always been available to business leaders. It is then up to them to take advantage of its full potential.

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