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4 Tips On How To Make A Wise HR Software Purchase

With the slew of HR software in the market today, it would come as no surprise for organisations to jump onboard the HR software bandwagon. After all, HR software brings about a plethora of benefits to organisations – automation of administrative tasks, integration of the HR and Finance department, frees up employees’ time for strategic HR initiatives – the list goes on.

However, with the burgeoning number of HR software vendors in the market today, who should you go to? How do you decide which is the best HR software vendor that your organisation should invest in? Here are four tips to make a wise HR software purchase that is worth every cent.

Consider your organisation’s growth plan

Every organisation has their own short-term and long-term growth plans. Chances are, your organisation’s growth plan is unlikely to be similar with your peers or competitors. At the same time, what once worked for your organisation ten years ago might not work for your organisation today. It is imperative to consider your organisation’s growth plan, both in the short run and long run. That way, it becomes easier for you to narrow down software vendors that is able to keep up with your organisational needs and adapt their technology accordingly.

For payroll software as an example, most small business owners fail to realise that their payroll software needs to grow in parallel with the business. As the business grows and employee headcount increases, payroll software with just the basic features may not be sufficient to handle the large employee headcount. This may result in the payroll software becoming less efficient at managing your payroll matters.

Invest in a payroll software is not just simply picking a payroll software that offers the very basic features. It is best to invest in a software that allows you to incorporate additional features and functionalities as your business expands.

Do not get caught up with what’s hot

With the rapid advancement of technology, such as chatbots and artificial intelligence, it is easy to be dazzled with the latest technology in the market. However, instead of jumping into purchasing the latest technology on the shelf, consider what your organisation needs and the key problems to be addressed. That should help you identify which features your organisation truly needs and which are simply “wants”.

Identify a change implementer

Purchasing a new HR software does not mean that it will automatically solve all your organisation’s problems after implementation. Instead, there should be someone who is not only in charge of the implementation but is also responsible for managing changes and communication within the organisation as well as the maintenance of the software going forward. Essentially, this person should be the change implementer and know the HR software inside out.

Include your IT people

Investing in an HR software means that your organisation’s confidential information are likely to be online, on a cloud platform. And that last thing that your organisation needs is to have employees’ personal and confidential information leaked out. If you only have your HR people on board when deciding which HR software vendor to go to, they are less likely to understand data privacy and data security considerations. Instead, your IT department should also be on the team to address these data security considerations. This could potentially prevent data leaks within the organisations moving forward.


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