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Five Useful Tech Tools for HR Professionals

With the plethora of technology tools in the market today that are designed to help businesses, it is no surprise that HR will jump on the bandwagon. There are numerous benefits that tech tools can bring about to HR processes – automating administrative tasks, integrating multiple HR processes onto a single platform, syncing leave applications and claims with payroll software – the advantages are endless.

That being said, there are numerous types of HR tech tools which every organisation should invest in for the HR professionals. Here are just some of them.

Human Resource Information System (HRIS)

Given that HR is responsible for a massive amount of data, such as employees’ records, payroll information, leave applications and so on, HRIS in short is a one-stop platform for all the key HR processes. It helps HR professionals to store, organise and track important information. At the same time, most of these HRIS software allows HR professionals to generate in-depth reports for people analytics or even audit purposes.

Online payroll software

Payroll can be an arduous task, especially when HR has to process payroll for hundreds of employees, taking into account their work hours, allowances, taxes and so on. This monthly process can be significantly simplified with an online payroll system that is linked to the organisation’s HRIS. An online payroll software can help to automatically calculate employees’ pay, taking into account any other allowances or deductions. At the same time, it can be directly disbursed into employees’ bank account and generate online payslips.

Online leave management

Using paper leave tracking to keep track of employees’ leave applications would mean that the HR has to spend hours sifting through these tracking lists from the managers to spot discrepancies and inaccuracies before approving. This would mean reducing the number of hours in which one can spend working on company initiatives that can focus on employee engagement. A leave tracking software can help HR and managers to track leave application requests and make approvals in seconds. It is a straightforward and transparent process

Online claims management

Every employee has claims to do every month and it is bound to create truckloads of paperwork for HR with all the receipts and reimbursements. Providing an online claims software allows employees to easily upload their claims online for processing and helps them to keep track of their monthly claims as well. Concurrently, an online claims software can be directly linked to payroll software, allowing claims to be reimbursed directly into employees’ bank account.


This is particularly useful if HR has to manage hundreds of workers who work in shifts or work remotely. Hardcopy timesheets can be difficult to track, whereby HR professionals have to manually input the work hours each employee has clocked in. At the same time, these timesheets risk being lost in the mountains of paperwork. eTimesheets allow employees to easily update their work hours online regardless of where they are based. Concurrently, it can easily be synced to HR’s HRIS system, allow both managers and HR to track employee’s attendance and link it to the payroll software.

As technology advances, HR should also stay ahead of the game and stay abreast of technology changes. This goes a long way in retaining and upskilling the workforce. At the same time, it helps to HR to work efficiently and productively in the long run.