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Digital Resilience Bonus in SG – Going Digital Is The New Norm

The Digital Resilience Bonus (DRB) was announced during the recent Fortitude Budget. This is to provide support for enterprises that are seeking to uplift their digital capabilities to become more resilient and adapt to new post-COVID norms.

DRB is targeted at the Food Services and Retail sectors that are the most badly hit by Covid-19 pandemic. Businesses that adopt predefined categories of digital solutions can receive bonus payouts of up to $10,000 to offset the cost of digital transformation. HR and Payroll is one of the supportable solutions in DRB because it enables your business to be more efficient, supports remote working and business continuity.

Gone are the days whereby the workplace was merely a physical space occupied by employees during regular office hours. In today’s world, the instant connection and access environment has blurred the lines between the physical office and the place where work is actually done. The constant stream of new technology being integrated in different workplaces, with the lofty aim of improving working conditions and business processes, forms what we call now the Digital Workplace.

In this digital workplace, it is imperative for HR to create a conducive culture for their employees to enhance their personal work experience. The key to success lies in utilising digital HR and intuitive, simplified technology to better manage the pervasive technology that overwhelms employees. Here are some ideas that the HR department can tap on to simplify their technology for a more meaningful employee experience.

One Central Platform

A good place to start simplifying the work environment is to invest in an integrated central platform. Employees do not want to be lost in a maze of different platforms when they need to login for work matters, company communications, calendars, leave application or employee benefits. Engage in a software platform that incorporates HR tools as well as work-related matters for employees to access easily.

Pick the Essentials

The strategy to enhancing employee experience is to simplify, which means removing what is deemed as redundant. Superfluous processes only creates excessive information and sluggish operations. Identify what steps seem unnecessary and what technology does your team need to complete its tasks. For instance, if your employees have to submit for a leave application via a different portal from the HR platform where they can review their benefits, payslips etc, this adds an unnecessary step to both parties. Do you really need that additional leave portal or could the HR department save time by integrating the platforms together?

Educate Employees

The HR department is usually the point of contact for disseminating information and updates to employees. Avoid flooding your employees with emails and messages. Reduce the number of meetings and conference calls and educate your employees on the importance of setting clear expectations about response times to help them manage their workloads.

Keep in mind that technology is meant to simplify work processes and to provide employees with an overall meaningful work experience. Ideally, your work simplification strategy should maximise the use of technology without overcomplicating the employee experience.