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Fast & Accurate SaaS Payroll Integrated With Xero

We understand your business woes of payroll and accounting duties – these two important business functions absolutely have to go hand in hand. We are here to help take your payroll and accounting duties up a notch.

If you are still a fresh face in the startup business community, there are bound to be some bumps that most, if not all, new businesses would have faced. Here are some useful tips that you should take note of when setting up your business.

SaaS Payroll Integrated With Xero

Payroll and accounting go hand in hand. When planning your business finances and expenses, it is critical that the portion you budget to pay your employees is as accurate as possible. Additionally, tracking of your business finances is critical in ensuring a healthy cash flow in and out of your company.

SaaS payroll integrated with Xero provides seamless integration for easy data transfer between the payroll software and Xero, you do not need to worry about manually inputting your payroll data into the system for accounting purposes. This ensures a seamless integration between both platforms to allow for an easy and quick transfer of payroll data. This also minimises the risk of data entry errors as well.

With your ePayslip application, go to “Company Profile” and click “Edit” under “3rd Party Connectivity Tools” to connect your payroll software to Xero’s accounting software.

Then login to Xero to complete the connection. It is as simple as that!

Our SaaS payroll application and Xero tools are made mobile-friendly so that users can access both applications while on the move. It is compatible with any mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones, and does not require any software installation. Users can now perform hassle-free payroll and accounting activities even while on the go.

Essentially, ePayslip and Xero are two business tools that businesses can use to settle their payroll and accounting matters. With integration, it aims to streamline your payroll and accounting functions even further.

If you are keen to know more about ePayslip and Xero, do not hesitate to contact us for a quick chat!