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Getting Buy-In For Your New Tech Tools

Introducing new technology tools in your organisation is never an easy feat. There are endless considerations for senior management and employees to ponder about – from identifying what are the appropriate technological tools required, costs, approval to post-implementation support, change management and ultimately, getting employees’ buy-in.

Nonetheless, that does not necessarily mean that it is always an arduous journey in rolling out new technology tools within your organisation. Here are some ways to get your employees’ buy-in for new technology tools.

Involve your CEO

Your CEO sets the overall strategy and direction for the organisation, and it is likely that employees turn to him or her as to what is acceptable within the organisation.

In order for your new technology to fly, you will need your CEO’s buy-in. And that goes beyond merely getting his or her stamp of approval in terms of the costs involved. Essentially, your CEO needs to be actively involved in introducing the new technology to employees, without doing the heavy lifting of course. Your CEO simply needs to be positively championing this new technology, and this simply involves his or her presence at key events such as communicating the change to employees or attending the launch (provided it is a major technology roll-out). The visible presence of your CEO is likely to get the majority of your employees’ buy-in for your new technology tool.

Set up a team of champions

Besides your CEO, it might be worthwhile to have a team of subject matter experts or product champions to advocate your new technology tool as well. These champions will play a key role in providing more insight in terms of the new technology to employees and also assist with change management and provide support when the new technology is being implemented.

The best way to do so is to select people from various departments, as this will not only maximise the communication channels and employees are more likely to listen to someone from their own department as well.

Have a launch plan

Finally, once you are at the stage whereby you have your CEO engaged in the technology tool, and set up your team of champions, the final step is to ensure that you have a concrete launch plan in place. And this is no doubt the most important step – whereby the success of your launch determines whether employees ultimately warm up to your new technological tool or not. A good launch event will allow you to formally introduce the new technology to employees while addressing any uncertainties that employees might have at the same time.

Some possible strategies to consider when planning a launch plan is to create some anticipation. Putting up flyers around the office or sending electronic digital mailers (EDMs) on “sneak peaks” of the new technology platform can help prepare employees for the change. Subsequently, regardless of whether you decide to have a big or mellow launch event, it is imperative to gather employees’ feedback after the event and after they have utilised the tool as well. Not only does this help to mitigate any possible issues, it makes employees feel as if they are contributing to the well-being of the workplace as well.

Implementing new technology can no doubt be a herculean task, particularly when employees are not receptive to change or new technological tools. Nonetheless, with the right approach and enough hand-holding, employees are bound to see the benefits of these new technological tools in time to come.

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