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How To Maximise HR Events’ Effectiveness

With the rapid utilization of technology in the workplace today, numerous jobs are seeing technology replacing human roles. Additionally, with the growing business demands and usage of automation within organisations, simply relying on manual processes as well as technology is simply not enough. Hence, there is the need for HR practitioners and organisations to keep abreast of these technological tools and processes in order to keep up these changing times.

In order to optimize business processes and workforce efficiency, organisations need to marry two business functions together – HR and technology. And to stay updated in the HR community with the latest HR tools and technologies, HR tech events are affairs that one cannot afford to miss.

Attending HR tech events provide a great opportunity to network with other HR experts and business leaders. Furthermore, it can provide insights on the various HR technology aspects that other organisations or industries might be adopting. Moreover, one can explore the offerings by several companies in terms of their HR products or latest invention.

Should you attend these HR tech symposiums, here are some tips on how to maximise your experience while attending these events.

Set your purpose

Before attending HR tech events, it is always good to set your purpose beforehand. Do you intend to purchase a particular HR technology product? Are you looking to explore your options first and do more in-depth market research before making a purchase decision? Or perhaps do you intend to simply stroll around and learn about the latest HR tech trends?

Defining your purpose will help you prioritise your reasons for visiting the event. Additionally, it helps you plan your time accordingly to meet with vendors or other business leaders.

Find out about the HR vendors and companies

Doing some background research around the HR vendors and companies that will be present during the event can help you ask better questions. Additionally, it allows you to target specific companies and perhaps find out more about other companies that you might not have heard of. Visit the HR tech events’ official website and check the agenda and list of companies so that you can maximise your time there by visiting the specific booths or attending sessions.

Plan your schedule

The event agenda is often packed with numerous sharing sessions and vendor demos that happen concurrently. It is not possible for you to be at two places within the same time. Thus, consider in advance about which sessions and vendor demos are more relevant to your purposes so that you can manage your schedule properly.

Explore the exhibition floor

While the main idea is to visit target vendors and company booths, this should not limit you from exploring the rest of the other booths. Explore the exhibition floor and halls and you might be surprised at the other companies or vendors that are unheard of. A handy tip is to simply collect their brochures and namecards so that you can go back and review them. Who know, you might end up finding your perfect vendor amongst these unknown companies!

Build your connections

Finally, if you were to visit these HR tech events, avoid sticking within your group all the time. Instead, split the team and visit different booths and sessions. Engage and exchange name cards with other people at the event. That person could potentially be your next client or business partner.

Additionally, it is a great way to find out more about what your competitors or companies within your industry is doing within the HR space as well.

Regardless of whether you are looking to purchase a new HR technology to enhance your HR productivity or sourcing for a switch of vendors, these HR tech events are still worth paying a visit to. The insights and learning experiences gathered from these events are essential for both the HR department and business to stay ahead of times.

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