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Innovation,Technology and The Irreplaceable Human Factor

Innovation and technology are the two trending buzzwords today. Moreover, if an organisation does not have these two words in any of their business strategies, they are typically deemed as losing out in the technological rat race.

However, is it true that technology and innovation is necessary in order to propel an organisation ahead of its competitors? In reality, innovation and technology cannot happen without the human factor. And to be more precise, innovation and technology need to not come hand in hand. In fact, innovation can be driven without technology and is largely driven by the irreplaceable human factor.

Innovative ideas stems from an epiphany while sitting at your office desk, that “aha”’ moment while thinking of ideas to solve a particular problem. Technology then becomes the tool to materialise these innovative ideas.

Humans and technology

Like it or not, humans and technology will always go hand in hand. Humans must and need to leverage on technology in order to execute innovative ideas. At the same time, humans need to leverage on technology to improve processes, enhance productivity and essentially, propel businesses forward.

Is technology considered a good business partner?

As much as humans are heavily reliant on technology, technology is not always considered a good business partner. On one hand, technology helps us make evidence-based decisions. For instance, technological tools such as Qualtrics and SurveyMonkey allow businesses to collect data and information from people which could aid in decision-making. Likewise, communication tools such as Skype provide an easier platform for people to communicate and collaborate with people from all over the world.

However, the basis for these technological tools is knowing why there is a need for them in the first place. The key here is the “why” to using these technological tools. Without knowing why there is a need for these technological tools, technology is then unable to fulfil humans’ purpose. In such instances, it is not accurate to say that technology has failed at being a good business partner but rather, humans lack the understanding of these technological tools.

Humans is the irreplaceable factor

Regardless of how advanced technological tools may be, it is simply the delivery mechanism. Without innovative ideas that stem from humans, as well as the “why” which serves as the purpose behind technology, these technological tools would not have come about.