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Payroll and Expense Software Integration

Getting frustrated with the growing pile of receipts from your employees on your desk? Tired of the endless calls from employees checking if you have received their expense submissions and chasing for approval? Here is your solution! Introducing ePayslip’s eClaim – targeted to solve your employees’ claims woes.

If you are unsure how it works, here are some key features that you need to know about our new eClaim system.

Online Claim Application and Approval

The additional “e” in eClaims means that claims processing goes online! What this means for the payroll department is less paperwork and quicker claims processing time. Essentially, the employee simply need to log into the eClaim system, enter the required details for their claims and submit it for approval. Their reporting manager or the HR department will then be immediately notified of the claim application and they can log in to approve the claim application.

Support Multi Levels Approval

We understand that in some organisations, particularly those with several hundreds or thousands of employees, claims application might need to go through several levels of management for approval. For instance, whenever an employee submit a claim application, it has to be approved by their direct supervisor, followed by the department head and approval by the HR department before it can be reimbursed. Thus, we have made it such that our eClaims system can easily be configured to support a multi-level approval process. This will ensure that claim applications do not get bottle-necked at a certain approval stage as well.

Allow Configuration to Integrate with Payroll System

Claims reimbursements are typically done via payroll. As such, our eClaims systems allows you to configure different types of claims and integrated it with ePayslip’s payroll system. For example, meal, transport or medical claims can easily be reimbursed via employees’ payroll. By integrating these claim items with the payroll systems, it automates the claims reimbursement process and allows you to keep track of which claims have already been reimbursed or not.

Support Automatic Currency Conversions

Understandably, certain claims items might arise due to expenses incurred during business travels. As such, the claims might not be in the local currency. Furthermore, the HR department might forget to convert the currency and end up reimbursing employees the incorrect claim amount. Hence, our eClaim system comes with an automatic currency conversion.

Uploading and Attachment of Receipts

With each employee submitting perhaps an average of three receipts for their claims, multiplied by a hundred over employees, that is a lot of receipts that the HR department has to keep! It would come as no surprise that some receipts might end up getting lost unwittingly. Hence, our eClaim systems comes with a feature that allows employees to upload and attach their receipts to their claim applications. Not only does this reduces the amount of receipts that the HR department has to withhold, it allows them to quickly verify if the claim amount entered tallies with the receipts submitted. This can further speed up the claim approval process as well.

Integrating Multiple Entities or Countries On One Platform

These days, organisations are likely to have operations located in various parts of the world, but with a centralised HR department. This could be difficult when it comes to claims reimbursement, particularly for employees not situated in the same office as the HR department. Fortunately, our eClaims system allows multiple entities or countries to be configured onto the same eClaim platform. This will facilitate ease of claim submissions by employees located across borders.

Let our eClaim system help you tackle those expense issues now! If you have more questions about our eClaim system, do not hesitate to reach out to us via our various contact channels.