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The Key To Real Employee Engagement Is Your HR Technology

There is no doubt today that organisations are doubling their efforts to improve employee engagement. Yet, employee engagement levels are still an all-time low in most organisations.

According to HR consulting firm, Aon, it found in its 2018 Trends in Global Employee Engagement Report that Singapore ranks the lowest in APAC in terms of employee engagement levels. At the same time, only 56% of the full-time Millennials in Singapore are engaged. Given that Millennials make up majority of the workforce today, this is clearly a concern for organisations today.

Nonetheless, there is no doubt that organisations today are investing heavily in increasing employee engagement levels. As HR gradually adopt technology and digital tools to facilitate HR processes and increase productivity, there are more ways in which HR can leverage on technology to increase employee engagement levels.

Ensure the technology will be used

One of the drawbacks of technology is that it might turn into a white elephant. There is no point for an organisation to purchase a particular software or technology if it is not user-friendly. In addition to the ease of usage, it has to have enough attractive features to entice employees to fully utilise the HR technology.

The technology has to save employees’ time

In some organisations, HR functions are still done in a manual way. It could include administrative duties such as filling employees’ claims or calculating payroll via excel spreadsheets. Not only are these time-consuming, they are also highly prone to human errors as well. Why not let technology take over these mundane HR functions? That way, it provides HR with more time to spend on strategic HR initiatives.

Find technology that covers all HR aspects

The more comprehensive your HR technology, the more beneficial it would be to your HR department. At the same time, it helps to save costs from having to engage additional external HR vendors. Look for technology that could help cover the basic HR functions such as payroll, leave application, onboarding as well as a central employee database management.

Opt for seamless HR integration

The last thing that your employees want is to encounter technical issues when accessing the software or technology. Ensure that there is seamless integration of HR into other applications such as leave application for employees or viewing or payroll. Frustrated employees would ultimately result in disengaged employees.