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The Secrets To Amp Up Productivity

Business leaders and managers often struggle to maximise the potential of their employees. On one hand, it is great if an employee can multi-task but at times, this creates results in slipshod work done. On the other hand, an employee might be able to produce better work and results, but after taking way too long of a time.

What are some of the best ways to get more done at work and be actually “productive” while in the office?


There is no doubt that most employees have a mountain of work to do. However, rather than focusing on getting more done, it might be helpful to focus on the tasks that yield bigger results as opposed to the others. Those are the tasks that needs to be prioritised and accomplished first.


Most of the time, most tasks are not all that urgent. However, tendency is that people tend of take on multiple tasks in order to appear busy. More often than not, they appear overworked to their co-workers. Being selective with the tasks on hand is the path to high productivity. The key is to focus on the important few and delegate the rest to co-workers or even interns.


Sure, managers are constantly breathing down employees’ necks way before a particular deadline is due and this simply adds on to rushed and poor quality work. Instead of adhering to the deadline given by managers or superiors, why not create personal deadlines to force oneself to complete it? According to Parkinson’s Law, “Work expands to fill the time available for its completion”, it simply means that a particular task will appear psychologically more complex and daunting to complete in relation to the time allocated for its completion. Setting personal deadlines will likely produce higher quality work due to the increased focus on completion of these tasks.

Supercharge your employees’ productivity with these key points in mind. However, do bear in mind that to ensure productivity levels remain high in the long run, it is imperative to build up the capabilities of employees and to educate them on these concepts. This will tend amp up employees’ productivity exponentially in the long run.