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Timesheets: It’s Necessary & Important To Payroll

Remote working has been fairly common in organisations in recent years. And with the shift towards remote working, organisations are suddenly raving over timesheets – tracking what their employees have been doing, amount of time spent on work and where they have been doing their work. Timesheets: It’s necessary & important to payroll

Why the sudden “control freak” mentality then?

With the proliferation of remote workers in today’s marketplace, it seems that managers overseeing remote-workers feel the need to better manage the team so as to ensure high levels of productivity. At the same time, given that remote workers might be working across different timezones, it becomes complicated for managers to keep track of all their remote workers’ working patterns. Hence, the need for timesheets to track employees’ time spent.

Similarly, with the varying working hours of remote workers, its makes their remuneration structure a tricky affair as well. Given that their remuneration is typically linked to the hours clocked, poor tracking of the hours worked can result in overpayment or underpayment. Underpayment of remote workers can easily be rectified but when employees are overpaid, getting the money back is a whole other tricky affair.

On the flip side, remote workers also have to account for the amount of time they have spent on their work. Given the lack of face-time with their managers, it becomes even more important for them to justify the time spent. This also helps to build trust between remote workers and their managers.

There are numerous tools in the market which organisations can leverage on to help track working hours. Given that not all employees work in an office setting, it would be good to consider a mobile-friendly tracking tool. Other features to consider could include tracking of each individual employee by project or even linking the hours spent to remuneration of each remote worker.

Timesheets are certainly a handy tool particularly when your organisation is largely made up of remote workers. Here at ePayslip, we provide an online and paperless timesheet management system in which employees can easily record their work hours using any device. At the same time, managers can easily approve employees’ timesheets – which will automatically be ported over to payroll for processing. Contact us to learn more about our payroll solutions today.