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Watch Out For These 4 HR Tech Trends in 2021

Wherever you go in the workplace, technological revolution is happening. And it is no different in the HR space as well. Be it artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain or the Internet of Things (IoT), HR today is facing a digital transformation and organisations who do not adopt it are typically left behind in the rat race.

With HR digital transformation, the industry today is overflowing with HR vendors with fancy technology that promises to help organisations improve every part of their HR processes, from recruitment, onboarding to payroll and employee engagement.

Nonetheless, technology is advancing at a rapid rate and while there are numerous trends and activity pertaining to HR technology, here are the top four HR technology trends that are worth keeping a look out this 2021.

Augmented people analytics

As technology continue to evolve, it becomes faster, smarter and more efficient. This new class of software known as ‘augmented people analytics’ provides a more user-friendly way to consolidate, analyse and draw insights from people analytics. This eliminates the probability of manual data errors and provides HR leaders with real-time data and insights to make decisions in quick time.

Employee Self-Service

Manual leave applications or submission of hardcopy claims can frustrated both employees and HR due to the amount of administrative work involved. However, as workplace cultures gradually shift and there is an increasing number of freelance or remote workers, employees would prefer an online self-service HR platform. This then allows employees save time by completing their own HR tasks online such as checking their leave balance instead of having to go through the HR department or through their line managers.

Social Collaboration Tools

There are numerous research that support the notion that an engaged workforce translates to increased productivity. One of the ways to create an engaged workforce is to introduce social collaboration tools such as instant messaging or online community platforms to encourage interactions between employees of different teams, departments or even work locations.

Natural Language Processing

With the advancement of artificial intelligence (AI), natural language processing serves as a platform for users to make use of software to understand human language. For instance, using AI in chatbots can help during recruitment to handle standard questions such as requesting for candidate’s resume or even scheduling an interview with the hiring manager.

With workplaces today rapidly moving towards digitalisation, HR digital transformation is no doubt organisations’ key focus area for this year. And with the numerous technological advances within the HR space, these four HR tech trends are likely to rank on top of the list this 2021.