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All you need for ‘Itemised Payslips’

The simplest and only solution is a perfect solution to be compliant to the MOM’s requirements to generate, distribute and keep itemised payslips.

With over 5,000,000+ online Payslips and counting, is the most trusted Itemised Payslip Software on the market.

  • No need to change your payroll software or vendor!
  • Proven system through 14 years of service
  • Easy-to-use web-based user interface on Cloud
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Be Compliant!

Easiest way to be compliant to itemised payslips requirements.

Itemised Payslips on Cloud

Each pay items such as salary, CPF and various allowances will be itemised and formatted in an easy-to-read format. It can be accessed on screen of any of device, or downloaded in PDF file.

One Employee or Thousands

Easiness-to-use and scalability come together. ePayslip is so easy to use for one man business, and also extremely scalable for enterprises with over thousands of employees.

Multi-entities at One Place

Do you have multi-businesses in multi-countries? With a single access, all employee records and their payslips can be managed at one place regardless of entity or country.

Various Payroll/HR Reports

Not just itemized payslips, ePayslip provides various HR and payroll reports. ePayslip is a regional payroll and HR data consolidation and reporting platform on cloud.

Access to ePayslip, anytime anywhere! is web-based application on cloud. Our intuitive web interface provides the best and easy-to-use experience from anywhere, on any device, at anytime. You can check payroll detail like CPF contributions on the go.

Keep and track your employee records

Now, don’t worry about tracking any changes in employee data or keeping all the data with security. It will free you from all administrative works to manage employee data, and let you do what matters more.

HR and employees get connected

ePayslip provides web-based messaging tool between employees and HR. All enquiries from employees can be accessed in one place, and HR can easily manage to respond securely. HR can also make announcement to all, selected groups or individuals.

See Who Accessed to Payslip

HR can easily track which employees have viewed or downloaded ePayslip. Access logs can be viewed on screen or also downloaded in excel format.

Access Log to Payslips

Best Solution for HR

Easy-to-use, but comprehensive enough to serve your needs.

Try! You will love it.

You can only tell how good or bad by trying it out. Simply sign up and we will take care of all the rest.

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