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Suited to businesses of all sizes, ePayslip is the first SaaS payroll software that autofile provident fund and pay salary.

Introduce your team to the platform with easy steps. Start processing your Payroll in minutes, not hours.

Multiple Pay Periods
Unlimited Pay Runs
Unlimited Pay Items
Bulk Upload
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Single Payroll Platform

Our SaaS payroll software allows you to run your payroll through a single vendor on a single platform, with the additional advantage of receiving consolidated overviews for all your employees across Asia. Our online payroll allows you to run payroll anytime, and send epayslips to your employees anywhere with any web enabled devices. No installation needed.

Statutory Compliance

With years of experience working with statutory and regulatory bodies, we also provide our built-in tax calculation engine to process your annual tax submission documents for each employee. Tax filing can also be automated for submission with statutory boards who can accept digital files.

Not only do you get complimentary compliance updates, they are also automatically implemented when you run your payroll.

No more unnecessary panic with new legislative changes. We make compliance without complexity, let the experts do it for you.

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AutoFiling feature of ePayslip payroll software


Your company’s monthly statutory filings are automated and submitted by us. Do away with the hassle of your monthly filings by enabling auto scheduling to file the reports before the deadline.

*Only available in Singapore and Hong Kong.


Monthly salary payment is automatically credited to your employees’ bank accounts on time. No action is required after you run your payroll. Never miss a pay day again with our AutoWage.

*Only available in Singapore and Hong Kong.

AutoWage feature of ePayslip payroll software

Seamless Integration

Our no-hassle interface delivers powerful payroll capabilities through intuitive design, creating streamlined data transfer from your HCM system. Our talented implementation teams can also design and build customised interface files to integrate directly with your general ledger and accounting platforms. A number of additional HR software solutions are also available to streamline your HR processes.

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eHR Suite

A full suite HR software to better manage your human resources processes.

eleave software


Allows employees to apply for leave and manage their leave balances online. Configurable setup screens allow flexibility to customize any type of leave policies.

eclaim software


Simplify the hassle of travel and expense claim processing as everything is digitalised. Eliminates the messy paperwork. Easy tracking and reporting on your company’s expenses costs.

etimesheet software


Allows employees to key daily working hours into the system instead of filling in hardcopy timesheets. Accurate and timely compliance on the management of employees’ attendance.

Key HR Solutions For Organisations Today

In today’s world, organisations having automated basic HR tasks, and simple automation of HR processes no longer provide a competitive edge.

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If you are interested in learning more about how a payroll outsourcing solution could create value for your company, please visit our sister company, i-Admin, to explore other avenues of managing your company’s payroll.

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