Payroll Management for Growth

A no-hassle SaaS payroll software for growing enterprises in Asia. ePayslip Pro is suitable for businesses who operate in one to three countries in Asia and employ between 30-100 people.

Focus your energy on where it really counts: growing your business. Our multi-country platform delivers efficient, accurate solutions for your payroll needs.

Multiple Countries, One Platform

Secure Cloud Technology

Seamless Technology Integrations

Consolidated Regional Reports

Multi Countries Payroll Platform

Help your business expand more quickly with the convenience and efficiency of ePayslip Pro. Our software empowers your HR team to maintain payroll across multiple countries in Asia using a single platform, single vendor SaaS payroll system.

Streamline Payroll Processes

With the ability to streamline data transfer from your HCM system, process payroll quickly and transfer data seamlessly back into your accounting system, ePayslip Pro offers robust payroll capabilities paired with simplicity. A number of additional HCM software solutions are also available to streamline your HR processes.

Statutory Compliance

With years of experience working with statutory and regulatory bodies, we also provide our built-in tax calculation engine to process your annual tax submission documents for each employee. Tax filing can also be automated for submission with statutory boards who can accept digital files, including IRAS in Singapore.

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If you are interested in learning more about how a payroll outsourcing solution could create value for your company, please visit our sister company, i-Admin, to explore other avenues of managing your company’s payroll.