We’ve made setting up your company for payroll quick and easy. Information we required: Basic Company Information – All company locations – Knowing where your business is located helps us calculate the correct country provident funds and taxes for you. – Legal business name – Your company’s name as it is on file with the business registration certificate. – Number of employees – This includes employees and contractors. Employee Information – Employee email address – Your employees get a ePayslip account where they can access their payslips and manage personal information. This saves you time and eliminates the need for manual data entry. – Employee personal information – we will need an employee identification number, race and nationality. We use this information to automatically generate statutory forms on your behalf. Company Bank & Tax Information – Company bank account numbers – To ensure your team gets paid, we need your company’s bank account number. – Company tax reference number – This information is required to populate into the statutory form. This reference number is usually made available when you register tax for the company. Payment Preferences – Payment schedule – Let us know how often employees will get to celebrate payday (weekly, bi-weekly, twice a month, or monthly). – Payment method – How does each employee want to get paid? This can be either by Direct Deposit (ACH) or check. If an employee wants to get paid by Direct Deposit, you will need their bank account number.