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Our 20 years of experience in the payroll SaaS space in Asia provides us unparalleled insights in delivering efficient SaaS payroll solution to clients both large and small. Paired with our skilled technical capabilities, we work with you on tailored solutions to achieve your organisation’s highest potential.

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Payroll Software & HRMS Integration

Our SaaS payroll works seamlessly with Workday, creating a unified HCM experience.

Multi-country Payroll in Asia

Our SaaS payroll solution are available in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Taiwan, Korea & Macau.

Single payroll platform

Ease of use for your HR teams through consolidation of business and accounting reports.

The easiest payroll software that anyone can setup right away

We work hard to craft an amazing, user-friendly payroll experience for you.

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Fast, accurate and secured payroll

Our payroll system automatically calculates and generates itemised payslip, provident funds & tax reporting. It supports salary payments to your employees through direct deposits. No late submissions. No penalties. No more late paydays.

Many businesses are shifting to online payroll. From cost-effectiveness and accuracy in terms of payroll compliance to a reduced need for support, online payroll software brings about a slew of benefits. Find out more about the benefits of an online payroll software below.

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Payroll Software Support: A Delightful SaaS Payroll Experience

As a prime example of a Payroll SaaS vendor, ePayslip provides businesses a seamless payroll management experience. Taking care of customers involves more than simply offering end-user support – it starts from the time they come in contact, up all through during their lifetime usage.

Choose between a painful payroll experience versus a delightful one. A rational decision is to go for the later. Read more on how we deliver excellent customer support below.


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